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For those of you guys who have made the leap of faith to the Nintendo 3DS, prior to the price drop (or even during the price drop but before the lock out date), Nintendo has provided a link to verify your serial number.

For those who didn’t know, the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program is Nintendo’s way of showing appreciation for consumers who purchased a Nintendo 3DS hand-held system during its first few months of availability.  Nintendo 3DS owners who performed the latest system update or who visited the Nintendo eShop using a wireless broadband Internet connection prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Aug. 11, 2011, were automatically registered for the program and will receive 20 free downloadable games before the end of the year.  The first round of games will come from the NES Virtual Console games on September 1st and the second round sometime later on will be GBA Virtual Console games.

Personally I do weep a bit as an early adopter but at least I got some free games.. never mind the fact that some folks were able to buy it for cheap and qualify.. sniff.

Go here to check if your 3ds qualifies:

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