Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android. Sounds promising, right?

Facebook has over 250 million users. Wait, what? 250 million users? That’s about 50 million short of what the U.S. population is! It’s quite amazing, and I’ll have to admit, I am a Facebook feen myself. How can you disregard an application that allows you to “check up” on your friends without having to really make contact with them? I know, it sounds horrible, and it is. But, it’s also quite convenient.

So how does the app measure up?

The Facebook app for Android does the bare minimum of what it should be capable of. There are lots of kinks that need to be worked out and I’m surprised that with each update that is made, it seems to be a step backwards from improving. I was going to list all the pros, but then I realized that all the pros are parts of the app that should be working. So let’s focus on the cons:

  1. Not all notifications are displayed (in fact, a lot of them are missing)
  2. Not all message notifications are displayed
  3. You cannot tag someone in a photo
  4. Shares made from YouTube do not display on the mobile version
  5. You cannot read/write on an event wall
  6. The recent image updates are over 2 weeks old
  7. The chat feature is buggy

And more?

It’s a bummer that I constantly need to check the mobile web browser version of Facebook to make sure I’m not missing out on any “important” notifications. Essentially, the app works for the most part, but not enough.

Rating: 6/10

More info on the Facebook for Android app can be found here.

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