Improving International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys!   September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, ye land lubber.  We figure instead of just talking like a pirate, we help find other ways to help celebrate!

Dress up like a pirate!

Instead of just talking like one, why not dress up like one!  There are plenty of ways to dress up like a pirate, some can even be found from Halloween stores.  Other ways is finding your own gear and making do with what you got. has a handy guide to assist those who want to make your own costume!  For those near Southern California or Orlando, FL, you can always pick up a sword, eyepatch, and a captain’s hat (ala Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean series) from Disneyland or Downtown Disney (maybe even Disney stores outside of Disneyland).  Remember there are other cultural pirates out there, so you don’t have to limit your look to specifically one culture.  Who says Halloween is the only time to get dressed.


Teaching a parrot how to talk like a pirate

Okay, so, maybe this idea may actually take a while (depends on how willing your parrot can pick up words), but imagine walking around with a parrot perched on your shoulder talking like a pirate.

Build or convert a boat with a pirate theme

Okay this isn’t easy either, but perhaps you own a small boat or craft or even floatation device (not recommended, but maybe you can hijack your CEO yacht).  Add some sorta flag (or even a paper print out) and set sails on the water (or pool side) and claim your treasure!  If this is too much, perhaps an origami boat or Lego boat with a small pirate flag on a tooth pick or Lego piece respectively.

Geocaching for pirate booty

Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity where participants use a GPS receiver or mobile device to hide and seek containers or caches anywhere in the world.  What better way to seek hidden treasure then by searching for it!  You may want to be careful though, as sometimes you may appear suspicious to others (even more so with a mysterious container).   There are plenty of applications for phones, that can serve as a potential GPS receiver.  There are also many sites with lists of hidden booty and their GPS coordinates.

Learn pirate songs

I think of The Simpsons, when Troy McLure starred in the musical of Planet of the Apes.  When the apes find out he can talk, they all gasp “he can talk… he can talk…” and McLure responds, “I can sing!”  You too can learn to sing pirate songs!  It may be a little hard to find some songs off the top of your heads, but you can always learn the jingles from Pirates of the Caribbean or Google some songs and impress your fellow pirates!

Singing in pirate style

This one can get a little tricky as knowing the lyrics would help.  You can then readjust the current lyrics to the Pirate style and attempt to sing it in a karaoke bar or in front of your computer and upload it to YouTube!  Be sure to comment with your video if you do go forward with that!

Dubbing movies

This can take some time, but if you can gather up a couple friends (or go solo with variety of voices), this can turn into an entertaining night as you redub any movie with your own pirate lines.  Record it as well and share with others (may be a little tricky with copyrights but we’re still interested in seeing it).

Facebook (pirate mode)

At the bottom of your Facebook page, next to the copyright, you’ll find a language option, from there select English (US), or whichever your respected language is, and select English (Pirate).  With you can see a wide arrange of pirate language display for you to enjoy, like “Satarrrday, Septembarrr” and “Captain’s Log.”

Meebo (pirate mode)

For users of Meebo, a browser based IM client, you can turn on a pirate mode by typing in “pirateon” within an IM conversation.  Now your conversations should now look like an appropriate corsair would use.  This should help any fellow pirates if they can’t find the appropriate word.  To re-enable normal text, type “pirateoff” and you’ll be back to landlubber mode.

PirateKey X

Swiftkey has help provide a special edition Pirate-talking keyboard application.  It works just like their normal predictive text staple, but it suggests pirate lingo as well.  Information courtesy of Droid-Life

Words with Pirates

Last year, Zynga was a bit late on the drop with their version of Words with Friends in pirate style.  Unfortunately, this was only available for a limited time last year for iUsers but perhaps this year we will see a release to Android as well.


What are you some of your thoughts and suggestions on what else other people can do for International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

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