Redbox Raising Rental Fee $.20 For DVD’s On Halloween, Treat Not Included

Do you guys remember when we used to get a 20 ounce soda for a buck? Life was easy. A single dollar bill was all we needed. Then inflation kicked in and we started having to ask our friends or kind strangers for change because that dollar bill was no longer enough.

Prices bumps are never good news but they are often a necessary evil for businesses to remain profitable. Today Redbox announced it too will become that vending machine by bumping it’s rate. ┬áThe good news is that the price hike only affects DVDs. While we’re probably years away from DVDs being the new laserdisc, the narrowing price gap between DVD and Blu-ray┬árentals may help adoption rate for the latter. For 30 cents more, why not watch movies in glorious high definition? Perhaps we’ll also see a shift in inventory for available titles on Blu-ray. One can only hope.

If you’ve been hesitating to rent a movie, head over to your local kiosk soon. The new price starts 10/31/2011


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