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A simple search on google will help you understand what Mark Azali is all about. He loves talking with random people at conventions, Google Plus, and twitter. Besides entertainment, he has an unusual obsession with starchy foods. Follow him and discover just how crazy he is: @notjohnlee (Yes. That's a reference to The Replacement Killers)

Beyond Meat Burger Review: Hopefully You’ll Give It A Try Too

As a resident of North Los Angeles, it’s impossible to complain about a lack of access to great foods, specifically delicious burgers. There’s just one problem, the traditional meat option for burgers is beef. That’s all well and good until you start reading stuff on the internet that makes you worry if your love comes at a cost greater than the menu price.

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Hulu’s Free Service Is Going Away


Hulu, your favorite home for missed episodes on most broadcast networks (except CBS) is now behind a paywall. Many penny pinching cordcutters that have grown fond of and even rely on Hulu’s ad-supported service for catching shows on Fox, NBC, ABC, and CW for nearly 10 years will probably be unhappy at the news until reading further: Yahoo has partnered with Hulu to carry a portion of their offerings for free on its new service Yahoo View.

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In Defense of Screening Room

There’s buzz of big movie studio players backing Screening Room, a service that would allow people to watch movies out in theaters within the comforts of their home. This sounds like a a milestone in consumer convenience until you look at the details. Are you willing to pay the seemingly high entrance fee of 150 for a box and 50 dollars to rent titles? My answer to both is yes.

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Why Do Apps Still Require Wi-Fi?

Remember when 4G was such a buzzword that carriers decided they could interpret the meaning however they felt most marketable given their network abilities? The meaning boiled down to the same essential idea: get apps and multimedia faster onto your phone and post pics to social networks instantly to better serve your audience. The dream was users would have the same mobile experience away from their ample home Wi-Fi connection.  

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Review: Ridiculous 6 – Titled Just Right

I was once REALLY into Adam Sandler movies. I have fond memories of watching Big Daddy MANY times. I’ve always admired his inclusion of pals in movies. It feels genuine, like they are there just for fun and joined the ride without any hesitation. He also seems like a really nice, approachable guy (not that I ever would if I ever saw him), especially after hearing him on Howard Stern recently.

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Review: T-Mobile 4G LTE CellSpot

Let’s admit there are no perfect wireless carriers. I love T-Mobile, but wish I had the coverage of Verizon (especially indoors). It’s getting better though with lower band LTE covering more and more of the country, but T-Mobile still has lots of work to do. Thankfully, you can no longer complain about having poor coverage in the most sacred domain within your life, your home.

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Review: Tablo DVR – Perfect for Cord Cutters Who Want It All

It feels really great when you revisit a pastime that you once enjoyed. For me that’s watching the local news. How else will I know how the weather is affecting people in the community or see people complaining about gas prices? I know it’s old fashion, considering you can always get up to date news on the internet with a few key strokes. Maybe it’s just laziness or the fact that I’m doing a lot more juggling with a newborn that adds to the appeal of watching news on the TV now. It’s also nice to have a TV running for guests who aren’t as entertained by the sight of a host prepping a meal  or dying to watch a sports game. Let’s not forget how out of the loop one can feel when read live tweets an award show without being able to watch it. Continue reading