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Why Do Apps Still Require Wi-Fi?

Remember when 4G was such a buzzword that carriers decided they could interpret the meaning however they felt most marketable given their network abilities? The meaning boiled down to the same essential idea: get apps and multimedia faster onto your phone and post pics to social networks instantly to better serve your audience. The dream was users would have the same mobile experience away from their ample home Wi-Fi connection.  

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Lena Dunham Created A Promo For The New Yorker iPhone App

I have seen some of Lena Dunham‘s work via Netflix (Tiny Furniture) and became a fan of her HBO show, Girls (I can hardly wait until the new season starts in 2013!). With movies and a show already under her belt, she now has a new achievement: creating a promo ad for the New Yorker iPhone app.

The promo video shows a very confused Jon Hamm as a late night TV host talking with Lani Darham (Lena Dunham) about the app. It cuts to a demo of the app by her to a Alex Karpovsky (also from Girls/Tiny Furniture). If you think you’re having connection issues while watching this video, think again. The late night TV portion is shot/edited to look like it was recorded decades ago or very low budget.

Jon Hamm is best known for portraying a mysterious, marketing director, Don Draper, on AMC’s Mad Men but he’s no stranger to comedic roles (e.g. Bridesmaids, SNL, 30 rock). He makes a bunch of unchallenged comments like “what’s an app?” and “you can’t watch TV on an iPad”.

Take a look below. I LOVE the awkward handshake at the end and the poke at corporate hype of apps.

But we just have one question: What about Android?

Let’s Sing Is Like Draw Something, Except for Singers

The mobile gaming market continues to grow with a new game that caters to fans of the highly successful Draw Something.

Let’s Sing follows the same collaborative spirit of Draw Something by challenging friends to guess what song the other is singing. It is currently only available for iOS, but we’d expect makers Lex Friedman and Marco Tabini to come out with a port for Android if they truly want to reach critical mass.

It will be interesting to see how folks record themselves singing in public.

Source: iTunes

Marvel To Give Readers Free Digital Copy Of Comics Starting June

We all love the feeling of comic pages running through our hands. The scent of a fresh print is part of the experience that helps transport us to a different reality. Starting in June, Marvel will be adding more value to this experience by offering digital copy codes in its comics priced $3.99. Essentially, those who still love print will be able to continue to stack and shelve their favorite comics while immersing themselves in stories via iOS and Android devices. Fans will no longer have to worry about protecting their paper prints while on the move.

Although screen resolutions have advanced closer towards high definition, it will be interesting to experience digital versions of comics on the screen of the New iPad, which sports a 2048 × 1536 resolution screen. At 9.7 inches, Apple’s Retina Display will unquestionably provide an optimal reading experience that is free of jagged pixels.

source: Marvel