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This Is Daniel Craig As James Bond in Skyfall

Earlier today, the official James Bond 007 site released a still of Daniel Craig¬†reprising his role as James Bond in Skyfall. Holding his signature firearm, the Walther PPK, we see a very focused and scruffy Bond about to make a move. It’s hard to tell what’s going on here given the focal length and shallow depth of field.

Skyfall is the franchise’s 23 film and third starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. I wasn’t as impressed with Quantum of Solace as I was with Casino Royale, but I have high hopes for Skyfall. This latest in the series is directed by Sam Mendes, who’s last movie was 2009’s Away We Go. Although Mendes has kept busy with dramas, he is no stranger to action. If you recall, earlier in Mendes’ career, he directed the critically acclaimed “Road to Perdition” and “Jarhead”.

Catch Skyfall in theaters November 9, 2012