Amazon Video Now Works With Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney and Amazon

You might think the digital locker services out there are confusing. Has there ever been a time where you saw a great deal on a title on Amazon but have an Apple TV? That’s a problem no one should have and Disney just threw consumers a bone.

Awhile ago, Disney Movies Anywhere hooked up with VUDU and Google Play. Now, you’ll be able to consolidate your Amazon Video Disney purchases.

This is another great move in providing people more options to choose for buying digital copies. You won’t have to buy the same title twice and you can now your Amazon Disney purchases on Vudu. Likewise, you can watch your Google Play Disney purchases on your Kindle Fire. If you’re an Amazon user with a iTunes card looking to buy a Disney movie, this will work for you too. Isn’t that swell?

Hopefully Amazon will come around to connecting UltraViolet collections some day.

Source: multivu via TheVerge

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