Hulu’s Free Service Is Going Away


Hulu, your favorite home for missed episodes on most broadcast networks (except CBS) is now behind a paywall. Many penny pinching cordcutters that have grown fond of and even rely on Hulu’s ad-supported service for catching shows on Fox, NBC, ABC, and CW for nearly 10 years will probably be unhappy at the news until reading further: Yahoo has partnered with Hulu to carry a portion of their offerings for free on its new service Yahoo View.

If you’re feeling burned by the news, consider the possibilities of Hulu grabbing more content deals through additional subscribers who will now pony up the $7.99/month. There’s also additional buzz about Hulu’s evolution into offering live TV for programming such as news and sports.

My advice: find friends to spit the bill with an get Hulu’s ad-free subscription. Yes, we’re still waiting for something better than 720P/Stereo and the limitation of watching on 1 device at a time DOES suck, but there’s really tons of stuff to watch besides the main networks.

If you’re a pro at eBay, you might even be able to find 12 month subscription codes at a great price, knocking down the monthly rate quite a bit.

Source: Variety

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