Snow White and the Huntsman

So I saw Snow White and The Huntsman after much anticipation. I would like to correct myself and say that I endured Snow White and the Huntsman. We all know about this fairy tale right? Snow White, Evil Queen, Apple, castles, a Prince, a Huntsman… and so forth.

The good; the look, I highly enjoy the look. It’s grimy and gritty, makes it believable. It also reminds me of movies that I grew up on, there was a sense of imagination and risk that’s almost gone these days. Here’s some of the movies that come to mind; The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, Willow, Princess Mononoke
There’s a scene in the forest where the Spirit greets Snow White, it’s almost right out of ​Princess Mononoke, ​the plants have eyes, there are little spirits flying around –

Charlize Theron makes a great villain. The Dwarfs were great too, who knew the names that would fill out their group? Also, the technology that made them short, amazing.
They had some wonderful wide shots, loved it. A portion of these shots was also to showcase the beautiful locations or sets.

The bad; ohhhhh where to begin. I don’t say this much, especially about bad movies, but I want more story! The film relies too much on the assumption that everyone knows the details of the tale, so there are a lot, A LOT, of things implied and not explained, we need more exposition of why things are happening.
The fight scenes, urghhh, more close ups, why?

Overall, skip this one.Β  Mirror Mirror might be the better movie, I guess I’ll have to see, it was supposed to be the other way around πŸ™


3 thoughts on “Snow White and the Huntsman

  1. Mark Azali

    It’s true. The best recommendation you can make to someone about this movie is to save their money/time πŸ™

  2. Robin

    The only people who don’t like it are those who can’t follow a complicated plot. I thought it was great.

  3. Eugene Post author

    Two bad Snow White live action movies, such a shame. With Snow White it was relying too much on the fact that the fairy tale is common knowledge.
    Why was the Huntsman narrating in the beginning? That bit never paid off. In the original story the Huntsman is assigned with killing Snow, taking her liver and lungs to the queen for proof, but instead feels pity and lets her go. That’s where his story ends, so to make him the “Prince” with true love was meh. Why go through the motions of the fairy tale but then change that part??
    The plot was all over the place. Nice to know someone enjoyed it. Wish that could’ve been me.


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