Netflix Removes Expiration Dates From API

You may have noticed that our public Netflix calendar hasn’t been updated in awhile. That’s because Netflix removed upcoming title listings from their API.

Yesterday, Netflix took a step further in removing more useful information by removing expiration dates from the API.

The reasoning behind this change is because “the expiration date can be inaccurate as a result of frequent, often last minute, changes in content flow.”

The information can still be found while browsing the Netflix website. Unfortunately, rather than having all this information conveniently listed on sites like Instantwatcher, you’ll have to view title pages individually or in your queue list.

I wish Netflix would just be as transparent as possible with a disclaimer that they reserve the right to change details. It’s not like we’re expecting Netflix to blatantly lie to us about titles outside the scope of their agreements with studios. We just want to know what we can look forward to or need to watch before it’s no longer available.

Source: Netflix

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