Review: Monsters University – Graduates with Honors

I saw Monsters University this weekend, and apparently so did everyone else.  It’s a prequel to Monster Inc., letting us know the back story of how Mike and Sully became such good friends.  And from the title, you guessed it, it’s when they’re in college.

The good; the animation is top notch, as always.  There’s moments where the film goes in to the human world, and it looks amazing.  The lighting is superb.

What really shines out in this movie, as opposed to other prequels, are the characters.  Mike and Sully are really really well thought out.  Not only are the leads solid, fleshed out, characters, but so is the supporting cast.  This is where the movie really shines.

The bad; other than it being a prequel, I can’t think of anything.  This film is thoroughly enjoyable.
The complaint I do have is that it IS a kids’ movie, and therefore… kids are in the theatre.  They really can’t enjoy this movie, and what makes their parents think that they can???

Overall, do yourself a favor and see this in the theatre, try not to see it with kids that are too young though.  The feature is also preceded by the short film The Blue Umbrella.  Another great coupling of films.

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