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Finally got to see R.I.P.D. last night, luckily it was at the second run theatre.  It’s about a division of dead cops that continue to enforce laws, this time it’s the laws of the universe, keeping the dead out of the world of the living.  Easy enough right?

The good; the movie doesn’t take it self too seriously.  It’s a fun filled action ride.  Lots of humor and great special effects.  The movie reminds me a lot of the first (and best) Men In Black film.  It’s a standard story, rookie cop gets introduced to a new world and is partnered up with a veteran.  Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, coupled with Mary Louise Parker, is where this movie shines.  You can tell they had a lot of fun during the filming.

The bad; it’s nothing new.  I can see why this failed to capture audiences when it came out.  The script is very on the surface, there’s not much to it.  This is a case where the script could’ve used another pass, perhaps subtext and subplots?  The cops have a mission and they complete the mission, which is to save the world.  Perhaps the stakes could’ve been more personal.

Overall definitely worth a rental, a lot of fun, if not to just watch the actors… act with each other.  We get another comic book adaptation, but not one that the mass public would instantly recognize.

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