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Saw Ender’s Game, it’s about a future world where Earth has been ravaged by an alien invasion, Earth barely repels the attacking forces and since then they’ve been working against another attack.  The International Fleet prepares for this upcoming attack by recruiting and training children, Andrew Ender Wiggin is one of those children.

The good; the world is set up very well.  We’re given the history of why these kids are trained for combat so early on.  Then we’re in the world and it’s  great getting to know the school and the pecking order.

Asa Butterfield as Ender is very good, he conveys the inner turmoil and frustrations amazingly.  Hope to see more from this kid.

I really just like this story, much like Starship Troopers, children are asked/demanded to give up their childhood for the greater good.  There’s something about the loss of innocence in a story that resonates with me.

I would’ve liked to have spent more time in this world, getting to know its ins and outs.  Exploring it and all that.  This book should’ve been two movies.

The bad; there’s too much crammed in to this movie.  Having not read the book(s), I could already tell that there were things that the movie had to gloss over.  Unlike The Hobbit films, Ender’s Game is an example where I want more than one movie per book.  There’s just so much going on here, especially in the training scenes, that I want more MORE!

I don’t feel like Harrison Ford is acting anymore, in his old age he just plays himself, this old bitter, crusted man.  It’s as if we’re just waiting for him to get angry and yell at someone in the movie.

*SPOILER* The transition of Ender’s team from underdog to topdog is something that I could’ve had more of.  I want to see more of the Dragons rising in the ranking to beat the Salamanders.  *END SPOILERS*

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  I realize there’s a lot missing from what’s in the book, but what we were given in the film is entertaining and great.  The ending is very final, but yet open, hopefully the box office results will give us another movie.
Unlike most of the book adaptations that Fox does, Ender’s Game actually makes me interested in reading the source material.

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