Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – catches fire with $161m opening weekend











Saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire this weekend.  It’s the second installment in the Hunger Games film franchise, which pretty much picks up right where the last one left off.  Katniss and Peeta have won the hunger games, they live back at their district where things aren’t the same.  The citizens of the district aren’t so happy, so stuff gets real.
The good; I really like this world that we’re in, and not the depressing dystopian stuff, but the way the world works and how it’s consistent, even though we’ve got a new director (Francis Lawrence) on this one.
The characters are still there and they’re still good and compelling.  They managed to make Katniss more innocent, if that’s possible.  Her life as she knew it is gone, she’s now this public figure, and what ever she does, no matter how small, ripples through out her world.

There’s a nice twist to a seemingly tertiary character, which I love.  It’s Effie, her little bit of… say “team work” was very well done.

They managed to make the new games interesting.  It wasn’t just the first movie over again, they threw in some stuff that changed it up and still kept my interest at all times.  When the movie was over, there was no point that I thought, “so that was two plus hours gone by…”
That is something good films accomplish.

The bad; I still need wider shots on the action.  Granted we didn’t have that over-used shakey-cam stuff here, but still… I want to see the action.  Things weren’t as brutal as the first film, but there was still a sense of disorientation and claustrophobia.  We’re not watching helmet cam footage, so be a movie and move me… what?!
This movie doesn’t end, it’s not a standalone movie.  I know that there are more movies/books to this series, but make a movie, don’t make part of a movie. *END POSSIBLE SPOILER*

Overall I had a lot of fun going back to visit Katniss, “Hey girl, what’s up?  How’s life after being the winner… oh not soo great?”  Oh and I like how an older white-bearded male is the bad guy, who would’ve seen that comin’??  There more story to tell and I’m ok with there being more movies.  I look forward to the next films.

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