The New Living Sisters Album Proves There’s Room for New Holiday Tunes


The Living Sisters: Eleni Mandell, Becky Stark, Inara Geoge, Alex Lilly

I absolutely adore The Living Sisters. If you don’t know, they’re a supergroup of VERY talented artists with amazing voices that specialize in harmony. I played their first album “Love to Live” to death, but sort of struggled with their follow up release “Run For Cover” (maybe I just need to give it another chance?).

So they just released a holiday album (I can’t call it Christmas because there’s Hanukkah song) and I really recommend you check it out if you’re a skeptic about new holiday songs. The album also has 3 really great covers: Jingle Bells, Little Drummer Boy, and Silver Bells. I would even argue that their renditions are better than some of your favorites or original versions.

Let’s discuss the original tracks:

  1. Harmony Is Real: I’ve seen The Living Sisters a couple of times and this always a dominant message whether part of their banter or just music. This track isn’t really a holiday tune per se although the instrument arrangement lends itself to that.
  2. Kadoka, South Dakota: I thought for sure this was a cover because it just sounds so timeless (I figured the original came out in the 60’s or 70’s). It’s sort of like the first time I heard “Mele Kalikimaka” for the first time just a few years ago. It’s a fun, peppy track that’s just addicting to sing along to even if you don’t know much about Kadoka. I’m guessing you never heard of Kadoka before this track either.
  3. Jingle Bells: A favorite classic.
  4. Merry Happy Christmas: This track is heavy on Inara George and has a bittersweet tone to it (“When love turns to a minor key”).
  5. Skip The Sugar (Good Girl): What a splendid sexy Christmas track. It’s got a bit of a reggae feel to it and harps on Santa loving a good party even if there’s a bit of naughty involved.
  6. Christmas In California: THIS should be your new anthem if you’re from California. It’s so true! I actually went home recently after work and had to turn on the AIR CONDITIONER… in NOVEMBER. I especially love the part about using Hollywood if you want to see snow. I guess people who snowboard know where to find real snow though… The song has a wonderful surf rock sound with great harmonies.
  7. Baby Wants A Basketball For Christmas: A cute track about what the guys want. I love how it turns has that broadway feel to it in the chorus.
  8. Little Drummer Boy: A great classic but I would have really loved to hear the David Bowie/Bing Crosby version.
  9. Neon Chinese Christmas Eve: Like “Christmas In California”, I think this track has a ton of appeal for fans in areas like Los Angeles who know about a special restaurant that’s open year round. It’s easy to get caught up in the madness of shopping and there’s nothing that screams comfort food quite like Chinese food. The rolling gong really sets the tone so well.
  10. Hanukkah: Shout out to all the Jewish fans out there. I love the mention of potato pancakes.
  11. Silver Bells: One of the best songs to flex their harmony. You’ll love this rendition.
    Don’t Go To Sleep: This one definitely sounds like a Becky Stark track (mostly because she opens the song with her marvelous high range).

So check out this lovely album on your favorite streaming service or just buy it.

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