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Netflix to Start Streaming Dreamworks Movies/TV Shows In 2013, May Include Latest Shrek Rehash

As a Netflix subscriber, I enjoy hearing news about new deals being signed. This latest deal really raises the bar on testing subscriber patience for new content. Rather than releasing content in the near future or even following year, a deal announced earlier today provisions Dreamworks library access. It’s nice to know we can celebrate (hopefully) having access to hits like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Old School”, but a deal starting in 2013 means we’ll even have access to titles that haven’t even been released!


Discover More Discovery Content on Netflix

Hopefully the loss of Starz didn’t prompt all of you to drop Netflix. If you stayed, however, all you loyal, information junkie  subscribers have something new to gloat about. Earlier today, Netflix and Discovery Communications announced a two-year non-exclusive deal to give Netflix subscribers access to prior-season series content. The deal includes content from Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science and Military Channel.

If you’re one of those types that’s more familiar with titles than actual channels, this means hits like Man vs. Wild, Say Yes to the Dress, and River Monsters are all in tow.

So if you’re tired of fantasy or the overwhelming volume of of unqualified reality television show personalities explaining the world from their tainted perspective, why not put that thinking cap on and actually learn something from the folks that brought you sights like lions chasing wildebeest?


Netflix…More Like No-flix; Starz Ends Contract Renewal Negotiations

Starting in February 2012, Netflix users will no longer have access to the Starz line up of movies/shows. Starz Entertainment has ended contract renewal negotiations.

That means, exclusive Starz shows like Camelot and Spartacus won’t be available. It includes movies from Disney that Starz has exclusive licenses to. Starz CEO, Chris Albrecht, cites the reason for not renewing as a “strategy to protect the premium nature of our brand by preserving the appropriate pricing and packaging of our exclusive and highly valuable content.”

One can only speculate how this will affect Netflix users and their experience. Prices for Netflix streaming service have already risen. Upset Netflix users may have to turn alternatives like On-Demand movies/TV shows from their local cable company, or Redbox rental box at most supermarkets.



See the official press release at Starz site here.

Additional information about the Netflix/Starz negotiations:
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