GameFly Now The Netflix of PC Games

No matter what service or product, there’s one word that’s synonymous with value: “unlimited”. We want unlimited text messages, data use, soda refills, sushi, and hours of streaming content on services such as Netflix.

GameFly recently introduced a public beta service that taps into the need for unlimited gaming, allowing users to download and play games not counting against current physical game rentals. Just like Netflix, subscribers only have access to select titles, which excludes many of the premier titles gamers everywhere are losing sleep over playing (Skyrim).

Games must be downloaded using GameFly’s own client.

Your move, Steam.

Source: 1up

One thought on “GameFly Now The Netflix of PC Games

  1. Nosgoth1979

    It will be interesting to see what Steam does in reaction to this but I kind of feel a lot of people are overstating the ‘Unlimited Play’ feature. I mean have you seen the list of games for that? They’re pretty dated. And more often than not that sense of nostalgia lies to us on how good those games were, until we try to play them again. Gamefly is a pretty decent service though, although I found something better now with the Blockbuster Movie Pass that my employer, DISH has. With it I get games AND movies by mail with the option of taking them into stores for exchanges, unlimited streaming of shows and movies, and a bunch of movie channels, for $10 a month. I get a lot more use out of it than I ever did out of my Gamefly account.


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