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Mass Effect 3 Release

The third and final installment of BioWare’s epic space saga, Mass Effect 3, is out today, available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.  Both fans and critics of the game have been eagerly awaiting the finale for some time now, as it was officially announced in December of 2010.  With a massive cast of characters, and the player’s choices in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 having a direct impact on the events of the game, Mass Effect 3 should prove to be a highly entertaining entry into this year’s RPG category.


Are you planning on playing the game?  Do you have a favorite character?  Who is better to play as, Male!Shep or Fem!Shep?  Let us know your thoughts on the game, and look for a review soon!

Humble Bundle for Android

Pay what you want and help charity.  That’s the name of the game for the latest Humble Bundle that just released.  What’s new this time is that instead of only PC/Mac/Linux related games, this time it is for the Android and PC/Mac/Linux.  You choose how much you want to pay and how much you want to allocate between developer, charity and the organizers.  If you beat the average, you also receive a bonus game (or more) all DRM free.  As a note, previous Humble Bundles in the past have added bonus games after the fact, and for those who previously beat the average will also receive the bonus games retroactively.

The following games are being offered right now: Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, and EDGE. If you pay more than the average price, you also get the indie classic World of Goo!

This is for a limited amount of time and once again this all goes to a good cause!

For more information visit Humblebundle.com

Update: Looks like Toki Tori has also been added, bonus game is still World of Goo

GameFly Now The Netflix of PC Games

No matter what service or product, there’s one word that’s synonymous with value: “unlimited”. We want unlimited text messages, data use, soda refills, sushi, and hours of streaming content on services such as Netflix.

GameFly recently introduced a public beta service that taps into the need for unlimited gaming, allowing users to download and play games not counting against current physical game rentals. Just like Netflix, subscribers only have access to select titles, which excludes many of the premier titles gamers everywhere are losing sleep over playing (Skyrim).

Games must be downloaded using GameFly’s own client.

Your move, Steam.

Source: 1up