Review: Frozen – so delightful

I’m not sure if my watching habits have changed or I’m subconsciously avoiding spoilers for certain movies, but Frozen was a pleasant holiday season surprise.

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s latest effort proves to be a wonderful addition to their catalog, featuring fun musical tunes that will surely be sang along by younger and even older generations.

Frozen tells the tale of Arendelle, a Scandinavian kingdom on the the brink of destruction from a force that seemingly cannot be controlled.

The good; the musical aspect of Frozen was done well. It feels classic and natural watching characters seamlessly transition from monologues to singing.

Olaf does a superb job of bringing laughs. While there are moments of chuckling before his entrance, Olaf does comedy best. This is no small feat for Josh Gad who voiced Olaf, especially considering the character’s physical constraints as a blocky snowman with rigid twig limbs. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s heard him on the musical “Book of Mormon”.

The bad; the short film preceding the movie, Get a Horse!, dragged a bit. Call me crazy, but seeing a 3D Mickey Mouse in color always seems unsettling. It lacked the magic that causes viewers to discuss feelings about found in the other great Disney short films.

While the climax in Frozen felt refreshing, the closing scene left something to be desired.

Overall this is a fine flick to catch and sing along to once you know the words. You might not recognize a lot of the voices, but that’s definitely not holding this movie back from being an easy recommendation for all ages.

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