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Of Course Disney Is Making Frozen 2

Disney's Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is nothing short of a hit. It had a terrific run at the box office, generated a ton of revenue (theaters, home video, and soundtracks), and it’s music has became an instant classic among fans. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a sequel is in the work.

While Pixar has managed to raise the bar with sequels (Toy Story/Monsters Inc), we’re a little skeptical about Disney Animation’s efforts (think Cars). Thankfully, the same team behind Frozen is on board (Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck) as well as Josh Gad (Olaf). There’s no date yet, although it seems Disney has it’s hands full already with with Star Wars and Marvel movies scheduled for us well beyond next year.

Source: Variety

2014 Comikaze Expo: Talking With Cosplay Fans (Day 2)

It’s been a pretty long time. I finally returned to Comikaze to talk with cosplay fans at the 2014 Comikaze Expo. If I had to sum up trending costumes, I’d say Marvel has really figured out how put obscure characters in the spotlight. I saw MANY people dressed up as characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. I probably should have talked with some…

Comikaze Expo Video Timeline Breakdown

00:00 A basketball showcase

00:39 I’ve never been more creeped out/impressed with a take on Bram Stoker’s Dracula than this. Check out her work here.

01:44 Wall-E and Eve wander the halls gather attention from many. It’s very impressive how Eve floats right next to him.

02:08 A fan favorite, R2D2 shows it’s inner child, literally

02:22 Aang is really a Jimmy John’s delivery guy from Wyoming. Who would have guessed?

03:37 El Chapulín Colorado is not very well known. That’s because he’s from Mexico. He’s a clumsy hero with a hammer

04:14 Uncle Fester is a regular at the conventions and I finally spoke to him about how he transformed into the lovable oddity. He assured me that he’s carrying real fat and actually more scary without the makeup.

06:03 Radioactive man is an original creation that shines bright. He works with electronics so the costume probably was a cinch to make.

07:38 It’s a guy with a small body or a puppet with a large head. This is a pretty fun costume and the guy pulls it off well. Check out his work at lincolnworld.com.

09:00 Zapp Brannigan and Leela tell us about their love for Futurama and energy efficiency.

Mark Interviewing Futurama

Interviewing Futurama’s Leela and Zapp Brannigan

11:17 fans try to break a world record of connected Tetris pieces.

11:44 a very impressive Slender Man cosplayer strides across the halls on tall stilts

11:52 Smoke (Mortal Kombat) loves every single Mortal Kombat and plays Diablo and hopes to get Dragon Age Inquisition. She shares her thoughts on gamergate. Oh yeah. She’s also vegan. Check her out on Facebook

14:05 Raiden was probably one of my favorite cosplay fans. It’s probably because I just like led lights. His hard work of constructing the outfit for 3 months definitely paid off. We get his thoughts on the future of Mortal Kombat on the big screen. When he’s not Raiden, he’s a longshoreman.

16:03 I’ve always heard how crazy Game of Thrones. I’ve only watched the first episode and was pretty shocked at not just the nudity but very carnal nature of the show. It seemed that I would find very young fans getting into the spirit of some characters from one of TV’s grittiest shows. I asked about the dragon and it turns out to be a creation of one’s mother who’s a big fan of the show.

18:38 Harley Quinn loves being fun and awesome while carrying a bat around. If there was another Batman movie with Harley Quinn, she’d want Sarah Michelle Gellar to play her because she loves Buffy. She’s a musical theater dancer that dreams of being on Broadway.

21:07 These two girls do Anna and Elsa from Frozen so naturally because they’re sisters! One is in marketing and one is a scientist.

22:52 I bumped into the Chicano Joker/Harley Quinn represent the Mexicans of Southern California.

Interviewing Chicano Joker

Interviewing Chicano Joker

24:14 I probably sound like the biggest ignoramus when it comes to Lord of the Rings. How crazy is the facial hair on Fili and Kili. They agree with me on the franchise being stretched out a bit thin. They’re no stranger to the cosplay scene.

28:00 Hellboy loves men with giant fists and wants to be a game artist.

30:26 Mystique is a model that’s been in makeup since 9am. This is her first Comikaze and she’s very impressed with the large robotic cosplayers. Check out EI School of Professional Makeup if you’re seriously into makeup.

32:28 The Pikmin do it all for the ladies.

33:40 A weeping angel from Dr. Who can send you back in time and tells us who her favorite Dr. Who is. She took a month and a half to make her costume. She wants to be a homicide detective.

Review: Frozen – so delightful

I’m not sure if my watching habits have changed or I’m subconsciously avoiding spoilers for certain movies, but Frozen was a pleasant holiday season surprise.

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s latest effort proves to be a wonderful addition to their catalog, featuring fun musical tunes that will surely be sang along by younger and even older generations.

Frozen tells the tale of Arendelle, a Scandinavian kingdom on the the brink of destruction from a force that seemingly cannot be controlled.

The good; the musical aspect of Frozen was done well. It feels classic and natural watching characters seamlessly transition from monologues to singing.

Olaf does a superb job of bringing laughs. While there are moments of chuckling before his entrance, Olaf does comedy best. This is no small feat for Josh Gad who voiced Olaf, especially considering the character’s physical constraints as a blocky snowman with rigid twig limbs. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s heard him on the musical “Book of Mormon”.

The bad; the short film preceding the movie, Get a Horse!, dragged a bit. Call me crazy, but seeing a 3D Mickey Mouse in color always seems unsettling. It lacked the magic that causes viewers to discuss feelings about found in the other great Disney short films.

While the climax in Frozen felt refreshing, the closing scene left something to be desired.

Overall this is a fine flick to catch and sing along to once you know the words. You might not recognize a lot of the voices, but that’s definitely not holding this movie back from being an easy recommendation for all ages.