2015 Los Angeles Anime Expo – Talking With Cosplay Fans (Day 2)

We’re back with another video! Check out this special 60fps on your computer for maximum smoothness. It should also play at 60fps on your phone with a Wi-Fi connection.

00:18 – Executioner from Resident Evil talks about cosplaying limits when you’re a big guy
02:18 – Juvia Lockser tells us about her special powers and crush
03:35 – Evolutions from Pokemon all have special powers and are buddies. One is studying sign language, one is a nurse, and one’s all about business. Check them out on Instagram: 1 2
06:58 – a few characters from the Star Wars series will be first in line to watch the new movie. We learn that the prequels are bad but can be appreciated if you grew up with them. One is studying English and one is a writer. Check him out on twitter: @cairoasmith and her on YouTube:
10:22 – Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy fight crime and heal Pokemon. They’re sisters and talk about being fans of anime from their brother. The toughest part of doing cosplay turns out to be threading needles. If you want to see more of their work, check out their Facebook page
12:52 – The one and only Freddie Mercury stops by the expo to tell us which version he is and which song is his favorite. He knows Freddie’s real name.
14:25 – The Deimon Devil Bats from Eyeshield 21 are a huge group. They love American football and have a few favorite NFL teams too.
15:57 – original characters inherited a dress and has a book of spells. One is her pet and indentured pet. Check her out on Instagram.
17:58 – a fight between two cosplay groups (same ones)
18:24 – a marine from Aliens talks about his costume. He has a pulse rifle but didn’t want to deal with security. His friend made the face hugger from foam latex. He works at 7-11 and told me he’s seen people fill their hats with slurpee.
20:25 – Professor Stein from Soul Eater loves the complexity of her character and enjoys coding in real life.
22:38 – Harley Quinn is on the fence about the Suicide Squad movie but is studying genetics. She’s on Twitter if you want to find out more
25:50 – a few characters from the Phoenix Wright. I find out about making hair, which can take a long time if you do it right.
28:59 – Princess and the Frog cosplayers tell us why that movie is underrated. They defend the latest Cinderella dress and tell us they want to see Aladdin in live form. They’re studying linguistics.
33:30 – A very impressive Dr. Who (4th incarnation) loves this version. He’s funny, childish, playful, serious. Underneath the box hides a scooter.
35:15 – a few Dragon Age nerds talk about their armor which is all from craft foam. One is a grad student and the other does special FX props.
38:33 – Woody and Jessie talk about being Disney fanatics. They work for Round 1 Arcade. Disney fans should check out DisneyExaminer.

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