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TV show – Tron: Uprising – the best show no one’s watching

Have you seen Tron: Uprising?  Probably not, it really is the best show that no one is watching.  The series follows Beck, voiced by Elijah Wood, a program who lives on the grid and joins the fight against Clu‘s occupation.  This series takes place inbetween the first movie Tron and the sequel Tron: Legacy.

There’s a lot of character development going on here, we even get the respective actors reprising their roles, Olivia Wilde and Bruce Boxleitner.  Spoiler… they’re from other versions of Tron, haahha.

Other than the compelling stories, I love the soundtrack, they really emulate the Daft Punk soundtrack from the Legacy movie, and the action is pretty top notch.

But apparently this series is getting some acclaim and not just from me, hopefully this will give us a second season.

– Annie Awards –
Character Design
Production Design

– Primetime Emmys –Art Direction

The entire season is also on Netflix.

Here’s the webseries strung together as the first episode of the series;


Who would want to watch this?  I’m sure Elijah… would…

Beck’s New Abum Will Only Be Available As Sheet Music

Titled “BECK HANSEN’S SONG READER”, Beck’s newest effort truly embraces the user generated content era. The album, which will arrive the end of this year, catalogs 20 songs presented a colorful hardcover case.

We should really be excited about this album. This release will surely spawn covers by both amateurs and professionals offering their own interpretations. I can’t wait for an explosion of renditions on YouTube.

Even if you can’t read music, the release offers more than just notes by the inclusion of illustrations by Marcel Dzama, Leanne Shapton, Josh Cochran, Jessica Hische, and others truly raises the bar.

source: beck.com