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2011 Long Beach Comic Convention: Talking with Cosplay Fans

Earlier this year, we gave you guys an intimate look at cosplay fans of the Los Angeles Anime Expo. Well, I hope you didn’t think we’d leave you hanging with the Long Beach Comic Convention, because we did it again!

Have a look and discover what cosplay fans are all about as we ask them questions like what makes the Long Beach Comic Convention different from others, why they love the characters they cosplay, how long their customes took to make, why DC Comics doesn’t release as many movies as Marvel, and what they do for a living. Notice how popular steampunk costumes have become?

00:00 The Joker explain who she is and why it’s fun to be crazy. It’s interesting that she references Batman as a creation by Christopher Nolan rather than Bob Kane. She always weighs in on Twilight versus the Avengers. Don’t try to find her online because she’s got tough security settings.
02:10 John Stewart (Justice League Unlimited) loves being one of DC’s first black characters
03:55 Ash Williams (Evil Dead II)
04:58 Bloodsucka Jones gives us the heads up on the convention being a place to pickup girls
05:42 An rebel X-wing pilot talks about George Lucas’ tweaks to the video releases
08:15 An attorney cosplays Superman and talks about the character being inspirational, leading by example, the DC Comics reboot, and why DC Comics hasn’t made as many movies as Marvel Comics
11:05 Wonder Woman
12:23 a storm trooper tries to take down Felix the Cat
12:49 a steampunk couple explains the allure of steampunk and the convenience of the Long Beach Comic Convention being close to home

00:00 Boba Fett, intergalactic booty hunter, talks about why he’s the 1%, all the girls he’s pulling, and gives advice to the president
01:07 An amazing Deadmau5 helmet that took 10 months to make by a film and visual effects student. Follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/pwnch
01:58 A computer science student talks about his original character, Ordo Mando, and the challenges of using fiber glass and resin. He mentions deconstructing the helmet taking awhile due to many screws. Check out the forum that helped him make his costume: http://405th.com/
03:40 An insurance claims negotiator cosplays a dalek from Dr. Who and promotes her fiance’s comic book site: Old Dying Kitty Comics
05:22 Captain America gives advice for the president
06:28 An English major graduate student cosplays Henchman 21 from the Venture Brothers and talks about Long Beach Comic Convention being great for checking out panels
08:01 A human services major student cosplays Lina Inverse from Slayers and gives advice for the president and predicts the outcome of a Jersey Shore versus Twilight fight
10:25 Chun-li from the Anime Expo cosplays Jill Valentine from Resident Evil
11:45 Daft Punk
13:05 A geek squad agent (Best Buy) cosplays a more obscure character, Jared Nomak (Blade 2), and shares his thoughts on Steve Jobs’ legacy

00:00 Steampunk cosplay fan talks about her outfit ingredients: Nerf gun, cookie cutter
01:23 Sexy Colonel Sanders and a KFC chicken drumstick. This was my favorite for sure. There isn’t any explanation needed. I even asked the couple if the idea was ironic. I know fast food always gets a bad rap and I initially suspected the couple might have actually been vegetarian. It turns out they’re just fans of the Colonels wonderful recipe.
02:33 A very nervous John Egbert struggles to answer questions. I guess we caught him off guard.

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

The weekend is approaching and we can’t be everywhere at once (as much as we try) however I thought we try highlighting events for this particular jam packed weekend!  Which one will you find yourself at?

Deadmau5: Meowington Hax Tour at Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles, California

He started yesterday at Hollywood with great success and will continue to play at the Palladium this weekend. Unfortunately the event is already sold out for tonight and tomorrow but Sunday is still available! Better get there quick Mau5 fans!

More information can be found here: Deadmau5 Homepage


Exxxotica LA
Los Angeles, California

For adults 18 and over, here you can meet your favorite adult stars. Next door, there also Hemp Con as well.

More information can be found here: Site could be NSFW Exxxotica LA


Identify Festival
Woodland and Dallas, Texas

Perhaps you are at Texas and decided to go see Steve Aoki, Afrobeta, Rusko, LA riot and more. On Saturday Identify fest will be at Woodland and on Sunday Dallas, Texas.

More information can be found here: Identity homepage


Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)
Seattle, Washington

What started as a small little convention turned into a full blown festivities for gamers of all type.  Best part about PAX is hanging with a bunch of like-minded folks.  Unfortunately tickets have sold out already, unless you have previously purchased them, hopefully you got your badge already!

More information can be found here: PAX Prime


Burning Man
Black Rock City, Nevada

Not quite the weekend but its Burning Man! An annual week long celebration of what many described as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance. There isn’t truly any words that can describe Burning Man

More information can be found here: Burning Man


Staying at home and playing Borderlands

Borderlands is on sale at Steam for this weekend!  There is even an option to buy 4 copies for the price of 3!

More information can be found here: Steam weekend sale article


What will you be doing this weekend?  Got an event you are going to?  Add to the comments below!