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WonderCon: Talking with Cosplay Fans (Day 1)

We love talking with fans. They all have unique backgrounds and stories to tell. Here are some folks we talked with on day 1 of WonderCon 2012

00:00 – Lady Loki tries to hold up her costume and says she loves the evil aspect about her character

01:15 – Sally Jupiter (Watchmen) loves her spunky personality and says she loved the movie even though there wasn’t a giant squid.

02:59 –  Introspective White Emo Ranger explains his character is lost in the UK and how he never gets respect. The man behind the masks discuss working at Knotts Berry Farm and watching his childhood memories go down the drain.

05:01 –  Darth Malgus from the Old Republic does a great job on his ongoing costume

06:37 – David checks out the Game of Thrones booth where they Photoshop your head on a spear

07:17 –  A generic steampunk fan explains the allure of steampunk and his addiction to conventions. He schools me on how dieselpunk differs from steampunk. Check him out at amberstreet.com

09:59 – Belle (Beauty and the Beast) likes her character’s intelligence and ability to find the beauty within. Check her Facebook page here 

11:21 – Genie (Aladdin) loves her character’s comedy. Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre-Dame)  loves her character’s free spirited nature.

12:45 –  Archangel (as he turned by Apocalypse) loves his character’s look after turned by Apocalypse. He wants to see a Cable movie and reveals who he thinks should lead that role

14:18 – Ash Williams (Evil Dead) loves his character’s groovy attitude and one-liners. When asked about other characters he cosplays, he responds saying his girlfriend and him are working on Jessie and James from Team Rocket. Check out his web series Epic Online and his girlfriend’s charms at oborocharms.com

16:54 –  This fan takes pride in cosplaying Latino characters and decided to do Carlos Oliveira (Resident Evil)

18:27 –  Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) is a true gamer who loves independent characters. She’s a graphic designer that drew inspiration from the Metal Gear and Legend of Zelda series

20:07 – This young man proves all you need is passion to come up with a fresh interpretation of a comic favorite, Silver Surfer.

22:21 –  A luchador fan loves all the fantasy and theatrics of wrestling.

23:55 – The American McGee’s Alice takes a darker approach to the tale.

26:18 –  Dr. Who loves the series because they can revive the series and use any actor they want. As a history student, he hopes to teach or use his knowledge for law enforcement.

27:38 – Rainbow Dash loves her character’s cockiness. Her costume was took a great investment of time to make, especially the wig. Her and Princess Celestia share a story about having breakfast at a business convention full of serious professionals in suits.

29:25 – An ewok and Hawkgirl walk into a bar…

31:22 – Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) convinces me that I might be missing out on a great show

32:24 – Gambit decided to come to WonderCon all the way from Vancouver, BC.. As a costume maker, one of his most laborious projects was cutting out scales for an Aquaman suit.

WonderCon: Interview with Michelle Mauk

Michelle Mauk and her sister, Tina, talked to us about her manga/comic influenced comics. Michelle spoke about her use of vivid colors and graphics to tell a story and gave of list of influences that included Katsuhiro Otomo, Moebius, and Tim Burton.

Michelle shared her insight on the digital revolution and the necessity for artists to come up with colorful content that grabs readers’ attention. She later offered some humbling advice to aspiring artists.

When asked about subjects she was on the fence about, Michelle talked about her attempts at creating superheroes but returning back to characters on the outskirts of society.

Check out more of Michelle Mauk’s work here and follow her on twitter: @michellemauk

WonderCon: Bay Area Ghostbusters

Have you ever felt there might be something strange in your Bay Area neighborhood? Who would you call? The Bay Area Ghostbusters of course!

Rather than trapping ghosts, the Bay Area Ghostbusters help raise money for various local charities such as children hospital appearances, Relay For Life, and the Bay Area Food Bank.

It turns out that the Bay Area Ghostbusters are one of the younger pieces of a much larger pie that includes chapters located all over the world.

As far as their gear goes, it’s all crafted, not bought.

Learn more more about the Bay Area Ghostbusters here

WonderCon: Interview with Audrey Soffa

The very chatty Audrey Soffa talked about her web comic, the Bunny System, where adorable things do horrible things. Who knew something so cuddly and cute could start getting into deep things like politics and emotions. She says her series is for those that love animals and violence but is kid friendly, save for some swearing and intimate contact.

Audrey also talked about her series, Sauce, where the main character screams “sauce” and throws up.

Some of Audrey’s influences include Charles Shulz, Bugs Bunny, and poetry.

Check out Audrey Soffa’s work here

WonderCon: Interview with Dave Kellett (Sheldon/Drive Comics)

Dave Kellett was nice enough to talk to us about Sheldon and Drive Comics. Dave talked about his origins, death of newspapers, the independent artist advantage in the digital age, advice about making a living off giving content away for free, and the inspiration for the pug in his book “Pugs: God’s Little Wierdos”

Check out Sheldon Comics and Drive

WonderCon: Interview with AdaPia d’Errico (for Camilla d’Errico)

We spoke with AdaPia d’Errico about the works of her sister, Camilla d’Errico. She showed Camilla’s latest creations including Tanpopo and Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, which is coming out as a Facebook game later this month. The game is set in the world of Neo Terra and is described as a “Mario Kart in the sky”.

Check out more of Camilla d’Errico’s work here

2011 Comikaze: Talking with Cosplay Fans

Yup. We did it again. Another intimate look at cosplay fans. Check out the clips below and discover who showed up at the 2011 Comikaze.

00:00 Nerfpunk (Nerf + Steampunk mashup) talks about supporting Comikaze because it’s for the geeks, by the geeks. Check her out on the web and on twitter: @MakeUpBySiryn
02:11 A psychology student cosplays Link (Legend of Zelda)
03:13 A sheriff cosplays Pyramid head and explains he loves the character’s darkness.
05:29 A 6th grade student teacher cosplays a deku from Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time) and says “no comment” when asked how to solve the education system’s problems
08:01 Ariel (Little Mermaid), cosplayed by a visual effects artist that worked on Arthur Christmas, talks about the use of 3D in movies giving her a headache. Check her out on Facebook
10:51 A TSA agent cosplays Joel Robinson (Mystery Science Theater 3000) says she likes Comikaze because it goes back to the roots of comics. If you’re a friend, add her on Facebook
14:07 Amazing Spider-Man talks reboots, the moral values of Peter Parker, the spark on kids’ face. He’ll be joining the military in a couple of years.
16:18 We weren’t able to get inside the Mark Hamill panel for Sushi Girl, but did talk to some people waiting in line. The first talks about his thoughts on Comikaze as the first convention he’s ever been to. He mentions seeing Stan Lee in person being quite a treat. I ask his buddy about Star Wars who tells me which episode is his favorite and shares thoughts about George Lucas’ revisions.
20:47 This guy was one of my favorites of this convention. I’m so glad I stumbled across this fellow. This Snow Trooper (Episode V) also talks about George Lucas’ changes, using the help of 501st.com to make his costume, and his German origins. I became instantly fascinated with his background and learned he was a marketing student who loves how friendly people are in Califorina but hates the speed limits on freeways.
24:46 A fan briefly explains why he loves the Joker. We weren’t able to talk with him more due to the line moving into the hall
25:02 A fan does a mashup of Simpsons and Dragon Ball Z to create: Hegeta (Homer + Vegeta). He offers a suggestion of how the Simpsons should end the show and talks about why the Dragon Ball Z movie was a flop and how they could make a reboot better.
29:28 We knew there would be plenty of Elvira fans since this was her last convention appearance. I caught up with one fan who explains why she loves Elvira, meeting Elvira, and if anyone else can fill Elvira’s shoes. I asked about her personal life and she explained she’s an assistant editor for a film trailer house, Ignition Creative. Check out her deviantart profile here
32:28 A fan cosplays Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in all of Equestria, talks about putting her blood and sweat into making her costume. Follow her on twitter: @mkpresson. When I ask her about the craziest thing she’s seen, she points to a guy just to her left who turns out to be playing a character from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride.

00:00 A very chatty, original costume, cosplay fan talks about his custom work, making moccasins, and being a Hawaiian cowboy. Check out his pizza businss on Facebook
03:49 The green man we chatted with earlier ends up in a battle/dance with another full body suit guy. Hilarity ensues.
05:04 Guy Gardner (Green Lantern) loves being a total douche and says he’d reboot the Star Wars movies.
06:50 Steampunk peacock. Check out her steampunk group here and follow her on twitter: @saintchimo
08:51 Girls and Corpses representative has trouble convincing me why people have a corpse fetish
10:39 A pool boy cosplays a Tusken Raider
12:52 Phantom of the Opera talks about being dragged into conventions by her daughter
14:25 Another fan takes method acting very seriously and doesn’t get out of character as Rorschach (Watchmen)
15:07 A college student cosplays Allen Walker. She wants to be a costume designer and we think she’s onto a good start
17:05 The Red Shirt Army from Star Trek. Check out their youtube channel here and follow them on twitter: @inprovence
19:50 A steampunk couple does it right. It’s always nice to see couples get into the spirit of things together and really invest some considerable time and effort into their costumes
23:23 A fan cosplays Speed Racer and talks about his first car. Follow him on twitter: @jaysethan and check out his site
26:19 This fan cosplays Gem (Tron Legacy) and really pulls it off. She works for the Disney Channel as a satellite operator. Follow her on twitter: @annisse
28:57 This guy helps demonstrate why its fun to ask what people do for a living. He’s an optician that cosplays Cyclops.
30:59 I really love watching childhood favorites come to life. This guy obviously put serious money and time into his Predator costume. He does IT work for an elementary school.
32:25 A young industrial design student traveled all the way from Atlanta and cosplays Rydia (Final Fantasy IV). I love that the cute Anya photobombs in the beginning of the video. Follow her on twitter: @mnikalee

00:00 Costume contest: includes Spy Versus Spy, Anya (Gears of War), Rydia (Final Fantasy IV), Mandalorians (Star Wars), Predator, Deadpool, Jurassic Park, Squirrel Girl, Jedi Bob’s Big Boy, Henchman (Venture Brothers), Black Widow, Cloud (Final Fantasy VII), Dr. Doom, Cobra Commander, Joker, Belle (Beauty and the Beast), the same Poison Ivy from the Anime Expo (@megturney), Wonder Woman, Gem, Putty (Power Rangers), Master Chief (Halo), Lloyd Dobler, Pyramid Head, Rainbow Dash, Catwoman, Rogue (X-Men), Cyberman
13:20 Anya (Gears of War) talks about why she loves the game and Comikaze and says what she’ll buy if she wins the $500
14:46 Putty (Power Rangers)
15:53 Squirrel Girl turns out to be a real character in the Marvel World! I also love how animated she is! Add her on Facebook if you’re a friend and follow her on tumblr
19:24 Winners of the costume contest are announced
24:45 Jurassic Park couple
26:22 A gender bender cosplay fan talks about his character being known for being a slut. I can’t make out the name of the character. If you recognize the character, comment below!

2011 Long Beach Comic Convention: Interview with the Creators of Toonhole

At the Long Beach Comic Convention, we saw many booths where artists, writers, and producers showcased their latest works. One of them that immediately caught our attention was the Toonhole booth. Who doesn’t love Macho Man Randy Savage? Even though he rests in peace, his legacy and iconic voice lives on. We stepped closer to discover a world of funny and clever comics that really appealed to us. Obviously, we had to get a word with the boys behind Toonhole.

Take a look below and learn all about Toonhole in this interview with Ryan Kramer and Mike Nassar. They talk about the drunken mashup that is Toonhole, their origins as animators, the benefits of technology on the comic book industry, plans to publish for the growing tablets market, and offer unique advice for aspiring artists.

Find more about Toonhole here
twitter: @toonhole  / @toonholechris

2011 Long Beach Comic Convention: Interview with Joe Russo (Starburns Industries)

Executive producer, Joe Russo, talked to us about all the latest and greatest things happening at Starburns Industries, producers of Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole.

Joe discusses working with stop motion versus CG, the challenges of working with stop motion, the big dream of Starburns Industries, why he likes Long Beach Comic Convention over other conventions, other projects the company is working on, and the process of finding the right voice for a series.

Watch Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole on Adult Swim
Find out more about Starburns Industries

2011 Long Beach Comic Convention: Angus Oblong Scared Me

Angus Oblong is an interesting person. If you saw him on the streets, I’m not sure you’d recognize him right away. I say that because he wore his usual face paint at the Long Beach Comic Convention.

Many of you may be more familiar with his series, The Oblongs, which was recently salvaged by Adult Swim, purveyors of once under-appreciated works like Family Guy and Futurama.

Angus Oblong talks about making art for his own amusement and offers indispensable advise for aspiring artists. I was admittedly intimidated by his appearance despite the fact I really felt a connection with his art. I wish I could have spent more time asking him questions but I was clearly unprepared for the man I met. Take a look below.

Discover more about Angus Oblong:
his site

2011 Long Beach Comic Convention: Brian Buccellato Talks Flash

We talked briefly with Brian Buccellato at the 2011 Long Beach Comic Convention where he discussed The Flash’s appeal, DC’s slow output of movies, and who he’d pick to star and direct in The Flash movie reboot.

Learn more about Brian Buccellato:
his blog

2011 Comikaze: Interview with Miracle Laurie

I won’t lie. I was scared to ask Miracle Laurie for a few minutes of on camera Q & A. She’s tall, attractive, dresses well, and I didn’t know a thing about her. Luckily that didn’t matter to David, who was bold enough to push me out of the nest like a confident mother bird.

Miracle Laurie was kind and patient enough to answer a few questions with us. She discusses her character on Dollhouse, what drew her to the role, challenges of portraying the character, the geek in her wanting to play Wonder Woman, thoughts on 3D, what makes Comikaze different from other conventions, masks freaking her out, Goodnight BurbankThe First Ride of Wyatt Earp, working with Alan Cummings, a ukulele cover band she’s in with her husband, Uke Box Heroes, her favorite songs to cover, and the need for a physical keyboard on her phone.

Check out more of Miracle Laurie on the web:
Uke Box Heroes on iTunes
HDNet’s Goodnight Burbank