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DesignerCon 2012 – Toys, Comics, and Most of All Artwork

DesignerCon 2012

The con only cost $5 online and $7 at the door. Imagine, all of the coolest artists that you’ve seen at various comic conventions all gathered in one location. And that is basically what DesignerCon is.

It is a great convention with many many artists, who were selling their custom artwork. In fact, many artists were in the middle of creating artwork live – be it painting, or even just designing artwork on vinyl toys.

Think of the things you might like. If you liked custom vinyl toys, it was there. If you liked funny comic pop culture artwork, it was there. If you like funny off color comics, it was there, including some people we have talked to before, like Ken Tanaka and ToonHole. There was an area sectioned off that they called “Suck Con”. It has a stage, and featured a talk show type set up.

I’d recommend going to this convention next year. Just remember to bring some money, so you can buy the unique paintings, buttons, posters, toys, etc. We will keep you updated on next year’s DesignerCon date and time.

View some of the images below in the gallery.

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2011 Long Beach Comic Convention: Interview with the Creators of Toonhole

At the Long Beach Comic Convention, we saw many booths where artists, writers, and producers showcased their latest works. One of them that immediately caught our attention was the Toonhole booth. Who doesn’t love Macho Man Randy Savage? Even though he rests in peace, his legacy and iconic voice lives on. We stepped closer to discover a world of funny and clever comics that really appealed to us.¬†Obviously, we had to get a word with the boys behind Toonhole.

Take a look below and learn all about Toonhole in this interview with Ryan Kramer and Mike Nassar. They talk about the drunken mashup that is Toonhole, their origins as animators, the benefits of technology on the comic book industry, plans to publish for the growing tablets market, and offer unique advice for aspiring artists.

Find more about Toonhole here
twitter: @toonhole  / @toonholechris