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Long Beach Comic and Horror Con 2012 Happens in 15 days!

We were there last year. We witnessed the mass zombie walk. And we shall return here to witness all the happenings of Long Beach Comic and Horror Con 2012.

The convention will start November 3 (Saturday) and continue to November 4 (Sunday).
Tickets are already on sale http://www.longbeachcomiccon.com/buy-tickets.php

This year they are projecting over 10,000 unique attendees (not including exhibitors, press or professionals). Some of the planned panels include SaveTheSupers.com cast & crew Q&A, Raw Entertainment, IDW, Aspen Comics, Web Comics, Focus on Young Adult Book Writers, Robotech, intensive training seminars hosted by industry veterans and icons, general how-to tutorials and more.

Exhibitors & sponsors include IDW, SGX Media, Mysterious Galaxy, Boom! Studios, CGC Comic Grading Service, Aspen Comics, Copic Marker, Hero Initiative, Raw Entertainment, ComiXology, ReadyComics.com, Prism, Dig Deep Entertainment, ComicsPro, Triptych Books, Comicraft, Big Wow Comic Fest and more.

Their confirmed guests include Howard Chaykin, Mike Mignola, David Finch, Steve Niles, Batton Lash, Amanda Conner, Olga Ulanova, Len Wein, Thomas Jane, Richard Starkings, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dustin Nguyen, Tim Bradstreet, William Stout, Bernard Chang and more.

For full information, you can find it at their main website: http://www.longbeachcomiccon.com/

Actor, Director, Writer Thomas Jane will be at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

Raw Studios founder Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet will once again be return to Long Beach Comic & Horror Con for the fourth year in a row.

“Raw Studios and The Long Beach Comic & Horror Con have enjoyed a great relationship over the first 4 years of the show,” said Thomas Jane. “LBCHC treats their guests with the utmost respect and friendship. In many ways we consider the show to be our “home base” in terms of representing our company in a convention atmosphere.”

Raw Studios will be on hand to meet with attendees, sign autographs, draw sketches and generally have a weekend full of fantastic conversations. And if you miss them at their booth, Raw Studios will also play host to several panels, which will feature news, Q&A sessions and screenings of some of Jane’s film projects. You might remember seeing the Punisher short “Dirty Laundry” on Youtube over the summer.

You can see Thomas Jane, Raw Studios and many other special guests and exhibitors at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con (LBCHC).  The LBCHC will be open on Saturday, November 3 from 10:00am to 7:00pm, and from 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday, November 4. Check their website for regular updates on guests, panels, and hotel information. We hope to see you there.


This is the 2011 Long Beach Zombie Walk

If zombies were real, they’d be our worst nightmare. The thought of people chasing us at a fast pace or at a slow crawl sends chills down the spine of even the toughest person you know. The image of even the most eloquent man slowly losing the ability to express coherent messages is also tragic. Just imagine your closest friend with ghoulishly pale/purple skin slowly diverging from rational behavior. And let’s face it, cannibalism is NOT socially acceptable. There is no corner or room safe enough to protect us from the relentless hunger of a zombie. No matter how far we run, zombies can smell us and hunt us down. What’s worst, zombies multiple.

Until they become a reality, let’s embrace them and have fun with the idea. Let’s line up in droves for zombie movies and buy zombie t-shirts. Let’s count down the days until Halloween so that we may shred a blazer, rip a blouse, apply facial paint, smear fake blood, use colored contacts, and even use makeup that makes it look like our skin is falling off our bodies.

Last weekend, people showed their love for zombies by transforming into the undead and joining the 2011 Long Beach Zombie Walk in an effort to break records. However, the participants didn’t just transform into the zombie version of their regular themselves. They used the event to express their creative sides and come up with interesting spins on the zombie. Instead of regular ol’ zombie Joe, they changed into zombie Bob’s Big Boy holding a severed Burger King King’s head.

The best part about a zombie walk is that there are no barriers to entry. We saw kids, teens, adults, elderly, couples, and entire families participating. Take a look at nearly 20 minutes of footage and see how many different zombies you spot. Here are some we’ve found:

00:00 zombie at the door
00:44 zombie Mario, zombie nurse
01:14 zombie Captain America
01:31 zombie cowboy
02:05 zombie bunny
02:25 zombie Kick-Ass
02:43 zombie fisherman
03:11 zombie doctor
03:20 zombie ward patient
03:31 zombie ship captain
03:41 waldo
03:59 zombie hippies
06:16 zombie eating head
06:42 zombie Michael Jackson
07:01 zombie Fred Flintstone
08:16 “KEEP Brains MEDICINAL”
08:24 “Zombies Occupy Long Beach. We are the 99%”
08:43 zombie in a straight jacket
08:56 zombie fireman
09:43 zombie nerd, zombie pilot
10:21 zombie Akuma

00:02 zombie Mr. T
00:07 “will work for brains”
00:27 zombie priest
00:41 Bill Lumberg (not zombie)
01:36 Tyrone Biggums
02:13 zombie cop
02:38 zombie bride
03:40 zombie pirate
03:49 zombie Bob’s Big Boy
05:41 zombie Caltrans worker
06:07 zombie soldier
06:30 zombie prisoner
07:18 zombie patient with blood drip
07:47 zombie geisha
08:12 zombie Marilyn Monroe

Long Beach Comic Con & Horror Con This Weekend!

Long Beach Comic Con is happening this weekend! Tickets are still on sale. Individual days are $25, and the 2 day weekend pass is $45 (savings of $5).

There will be a special Robot Chicken panel on Saturday at 3:00 pm. Co-creators/executive producers/directors/writers Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, executive producer/head writer Tom Root, actor/writer Breckin Meyer and writers Erik Weiner and Matt Beans are scheduled to be present in the panel. A Q&A, clips from upcoming episodes of season 5 (DVD on sale 10/25, a sneak preview of the exciting next steps for the hit series are some things you should expect to see.

For all you Simpsons fan, there’s going to be a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror panel. Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Gos), Tom Hodges (Clone Wars) and Bill Morrison (The Simpsons) will talk about Jane and Tom’s Treehouse of Horror story. The panel will be on Saturday in Room 103A at 11:00 AM, followed by a signing at the Golden Apple booth.
Other guests include Iron Man 3 director Shane Black, legendary filmmaker John Carpenter, and the entire cast of The Guild.

Full Program Schedule can be found here

For more information including tickets and parking can be found at the Long Beach Comic Con website

Lance Henriksen and David Finch Are Coming to Long Beach Comic Con

Long Beach Comic Con – Lance Henriksen and David Finch are coming to Long Beach Comic Con on Oct 29-30, 2011.

I remember seeing Lance Henriksen spewing milk during his “death” scene in Aliens. Ever since then, I can’t drink milk without thinking of that scene. Of course, he’s been pretty active since that memorable film moment, appearing in many other movies, in TV series, even in video games.

In fact, LBCC is his last stop for his book tour of his biography, “Not Bad For a Human – The Life and Films of Lance Henriksen”. The book features art by several artists, including Eric Powell, Sienkiewicz, Mike Mignola, Tim Bradstreet, Ashley Wood, Kelley Jones and Tom Mandrake.

On the flip side, is David Finch who hasn’t worked in the film industry like Henriksen. He started out in Top Cow Productions on the popular Cyberforce title. Since then, he’s worked on various Marvel titles, such as Ultimate X-Men, Avengers, and World War Hulk. As of January 2010, Finch is signed onto DC as an exclusive artist. He’ll be writing and drawing a new series, “Batman: The Dark Knight”.

For more information please visit http://www.longbeachcomiccon.com/